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SOMOS Fast is a company belonging to SOMOS Group, an entity that groups independent companies in the Spanish entertainment industry and is chaired by Luis Villanueva. The companies that make up SOMOS Group participate in all aspects of the industry (production, distribution, and marketing), in different territories, and specialize in content in the Spanish language.

SOMOS Fast is dedicated to the production and commercialization of Fast channels (Free ad-supported streaming television), a digital entertainment option that offers free content to the audience. The company began its activities with the launch of two movie channels: Cine en Español and Cine de Horror. Both channels have pan-regional coverage in the Americas and focus on one of the most popular genres in the segment. SOMOS Fast is backed by SOMOS Group’s experience in producing linear channels, offering quality content in an attractive, professional, and different brand image and presence.

Cine en Español offers a selection of recent and modern production movies, with stories and recognized talent from the Spanish-speaking film world and from all Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and others), reflecting the diversity and richness of the Latin community. Cine de Horror is dedicated to one of the most popular genres in cinema, with a loyal audience that enjoys the theme of the supernatural, tension, and suspense of the stories. SOMOS Fast is supported by an acquisitions staff in Mexico, Spain, South America, and the United States, ensuring a constant flow of content.


SOMOS Fast channels are characterized by a careful data-based strategy that maximizes the enjoyment of content by the audience with the objectives of its advertisers. A careful management of the contents and time slots ensures a fresh presence of the signals, which are accompanied by an offer of Video on Demand movies supported by advertising (AVOD). These aspects are combined with marketing elements to facilitate the discovery and consumption of the signals, their content, and monetization through websites and campaigns on social networks. The initial channels of SOMOS Fast will be complemented with successive launches of more thematic and general entertainment channels. 


SOMOS Fast offers the best free content for the Spanish-speaking audience in the era of digital television.

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